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This application process is intended for students wishing to enroll in ED 1900: Leadership, Citizenship, and Community Service for the Summer 2014 term. Only applicants who have been prescreened by their selection in American Legion/Auxiliary Girls State and Boys State Programs are eligible.

Step 1 (Creating an Account): Click on the link below to create your account. Complete the required information and press “submit.” (Write down your username and password)


Step 2 (Applying for Admission): Click on the link below to apply for special admission.


                Your answers will be:

  1. Undergrad
  2. Yes (if you are a U.S. Citizen)
  3. No (not previously enrolled at Clemson)
  4. No (not seeking an undergrad degree at this time)
  5. Yes (list your high school)

Press “Continue” to be taken to a special application for this course. Complete the information on that form.

Some helpful answers

  • What is my CUID? Leave this blank
  • What is my special program of study? ED 1900
  • What is the Program Code? Leave this blank

Submit the required $25 application fee. If you have any questions concerning the application process, please call 864-656-2287

Step 3 (Registering for the Course): Complete the information below to register for the course and pay the tuition fee ($395 for SC residents, $495 for out of state residents). Please note that the application and registration process may take up to a week to be enrolled in the course. It is not an automatic process. Consult the syllabus for login information after that period of time.

Bold fields are required


First Name:   Email Address:
Middle Name:   Gender:
Last Name:   Ethnic Origin:
Name I go by:   Date of Birth:
Mailing Address:   Home Phone:
City:   Cell Phone:
State: Zip:      

Payment Method: (Please note, the enrollment process cannot begin until tuition payment is received)

By checking below, I certify that I understand that admission as a special student is separate and distinct from regular admission to Clemson University, that I have never been denied regular undergraduate admission to this institution, and that I understand the guidelines for the special student status as outlined at the top of this application.
I AGREE:   DATE: September 03, 2014


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