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Program Evaluation

Students enrolled in ED 1900 will participate in course requirements that will also serve to inform your program. First, students will complete a survey related to your state program and related activities. This will be conducted online after your participants return home. Secondly, students will participate in daily journaling/blogging while in attendance at your program. The objective of this activity is to engage students in reflective practice associated with your program.

If your state program has at least 10% of your population participating in ED 1900, the ACE Network will provide a Program Evaluation document in early fall from the perspectives of your participants. Comments and recommendations will be anonymous but the feedback can be invaluable for program planning and changes.

The journals/blogs will be submitted electronically during or after successful completion of the representative state program. All submissions and follow-ups for assistance will be coordinated by the ACE Network. All you have to do is join in.

For more information about the benefits and possibilities of the Program Evaluation component in conjunction with enrollment in the course, contact the ACE Network.

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